About us

Luton Street League

Community Led Local Development (CLLD)

Luton Street League operates 10 sports centres across town offering Football, Cricket and other sports activities with league formats for young people from across Luton aimed at improving community cohesion. In addition, all centres offer employment,training and skills workshops to help participants either improve their current employability opportunities or future employment chances. The project concentrates on Luton’s most deprived 11 wards covering the North and South of Town.

All activities are FREE for all males and females aged 16 plus who live in Luton

The Luton Street League project falls within the Council’s Community Local Led Development (CLLD) strategy funded by the European Social Fund. The CLLD project sets out a vision and action plan centred around six strategic objectives that all address in one way or another the many barriers to employment that certain sections of the Town’s population face as well as focusing on the importance of community cohesion in raising the outside perception of Luton to employers and potential visitors.